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Industrial and Commercial Roller Doors
24hr Emergency Breakdowns Service

Power Motion Doors


We specialize in converting manual chain operated doors to motorized operation.

  • - Key switch for security.
  • - Sensors to stop door when obstructed.
  • - Manual operation during power failures.
  • - Remote control option.
  • - Time clock option to open and close at pre-set times.
An efficient and safer option for the door operators.

Doors We Service

At Cowan Doors, we repair, maintain and service an extensive range of Industrial, Commercial and Access Doors.


Slide/Swing Gates

Slide/Swing Gates we service and maintain industrial swinging and sliding gates, They all provide after hours security with constant airflow and high visibility.


Roller shutters

  • Industrial Roller Doors:are suited for low and high frequency opening cycles, and in harsh weather conditions. They are usually custom made in sizes to suit your business.
  • Light Industrial Roller Doors are suited for smaller openings with a low to moderate frequency opening cycle. They provide security and strength through a continuous curtain with a low-noise operation. We can easily automate your existing doors.

Tilt Panel Doors

Tilt Panel Doors raise and lower in panels, which run along a track parallel to the ceiling. Tilt Doors raise and lower in one complete panel. Both are popular solutions in applications where there is limited headroom. They can be suitable for high traffic areas when built for this frequency.


Boom Gates

Boom Gates we service and maintain and repair Boom Gates that are suited to vehicle traffic providing security and restricted access to Car Parks, etc.


Auto Glass Doors

Auto Glass Doors we service that are suited to main access entry areas, typically the main entrance of a high pedestrian traffic large building, Banks and retail stores.


Roller Grills

Roller Grills we service and maintain industrial security grilles and poly-carb shutters. They all provide after hours security with constant airflow and high visibility.


Fire Shutters

Fire Shutters are used when there is a risk of fire spreading quickly through multiple locations, fire shutters are a necessity. Ask us about how they can fireguard your premises.


Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll Doors or fast acting doors are suited for controlled environments to allow access quickly while maintaining constant environmental requirements. We can automate them so access can be controlled by automatic sensors triggered by approaching vehicles.


Window Shutters

We service Window Shutters that are typically installed for the security of an area or property.Window Shutters also have an insulation factor protecting from extreme weather conditions