commercial automatic swing gates

    The Many Benefits of Using Commercial Automatic Swing Gates for Your Business

    Ideal for factories, warehouses and any other commercial properties looking for the best way to keep their premises safe and secure, automatic swing gates not only maximise security, there are a number of other critical benefits that come with having automatic swing gates in a commercial setting. The team at Cowan Doors has worked with businesses all
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    Commercial Roller Shutters

    The 3 Key Benefits of Installing Commercial Roller Shutters

    Roller shutters are a practical addition to any business, a simple and cost-effective solution, they offer a huge range of benefits from increased security. Available in a wide range of colours to complement any existing colour scheme, commercial roller shutters are easy to operate, low maintenance and are an all-round wise investment for every business. Cowan Doors
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    boom gate installation

    The Many Benefits of Boom Gate Installation

    From carparks and shopping centres, to hospitals and apartment complexes, passing through a boom gate is regular occurrence in today’s modern world. An effective and affordable security option, this type of automatic security barrier is one of the most common methods for controlling vehicle access and traffic flow into a restricted area. At Cowan Doors, we provide
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    News For 2016 From The Cowan Group

    Cowan Air and joint venture partner Cowan Doors are expanding this year despite an uncertain economy, we must be doing something right by our clients, the expansion and additional staff is due to an increasing work load from our existing clients and new clients coming on board, as a result of our unsurpassed service and client follow
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    Cowan Doors are proud to announce their continuing support to the CFA. Cowan Doors previously Statewide Door Service has had a long association with the CFA, helping to maintain and service station doors for reliable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cowan Doors look forward to providing the CFA with unsurpassed service in 2016.
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